Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 [2006, RDB06, Weak + Strong]
ssuEModule M1kout: 0, kin: 4, Clustering: 0.66667
Locus tagb0937
UniProt IDP80644
NCBI GeneID945947
SynonymsycbP, JW0920
Biological function
Product functionNAD(P)H-dependent FMN reductase
GO terms
GO:0006974Cellular response to DNA damage stimulus
GO:0008752FMN reductase activity
GO:0009970Cellular response to sulfate starvation
GO:0046306Alkanesulfonate catabolic process
GO:0052873FMN reductase (NADPH) activity
COG0431Predicted flavoprotein (R)
ssuE – Neighborhood
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