Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 [2020, RDB18-13, Strong]
tolC – Basal machinerykout: 0, kin: 1, Clustering: 0
Locus tagb3035
UniProt IDP02930
NCBI GeneID947521
SynonymsmtcB, weeA, refI, toc, mukA, colE1-i, JW5503
Biological function
Product functionTolC monomer
GO terms
GO:0009279Cell outer membrane
GO:0014070Response to organic cyclic compound
GO:0015031Protein transport
GO:0015288Porin activity
GO:0015562Efflux transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0016021Integral component of membrane
GO:0042802Identical protein binding
GO:0042930Enterobactin transport
GO:0046677Response to antibiotic
GO:0055085Transmembrane transport
COG1538Outer membrane protein (MU)
tolC – Neighborhood
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