Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 [2020, RDB18-13, Strong]
recBModule 46 (graph)kout: 0, kin: 2, Clustering: 1
Locus tagb2820
UniProt IDP08394
NCBI GeneID947286
SynonymsJW2788, rorA, ior
Biological function
Product functionRecB
GO terms
GO:0000738DNA catabolic process, exonucleolytic
GO:0003677DNA binding
GO:0004003ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity
GO:0004519Endonuclease activity
GO:0005524ATP binding
GO:0006302Double-strand break repair
GO:0006310DNA recombination
GO:0008854Exodeoxyribonuclease V activity
GO:0009338Exodeoxyribonuclease V complex
GO:0032508DNA duplex unwinding
GO:0044355Clearance of foreign intracellular DNA
GO:0046872Metal ion binding
GO:0051607Defense response to virus
GO:0090305Nucleic acid phosphodiester bond hydrolysis
COG1074ATP-dependent exoDNAse (exonuclease V) beta subunit (contains helicase and exonuclease domains) (L)
recB – Neighborhood
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