Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 [2017, RDB16, Strong]
mntH – Intermodularkout: 0, kin: 3, Clustering: 0
Locus tagb2392
UniProt IDP0A769
NCBI GeneID946899
SynonymsyfeP, JW2388
Biological function
Product functionMn2+ / Fe2+: H+ symporter MntH
GO terms
GO:0005384Manganese ion transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0005886Plasma membrane
GO:0006824Cobalt ion transport
GO:0006826Iron ion transport
GO:0006828Manganese ion transport
GO:0015078Hydrogen ion transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0015086Cadmium ion transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0015292Uniporter activity
GO:0015293Symporter activity
GO:0015684Ferrous iron transport
GO:0015691Cadmium ion transport
GO:0016021Integral component of membrane
GO:0030001Metal ion transport
GO:0034599Cellular response to oxidative stress
GO:0046872Metal ion binding
GO:0055085Transmembrane transport
GO:0070574Cadmium ion transmembrane transport
GO:0071421Manganese ion transmembrane transport
GO:1902600Hydrogen ion transmembrane transport
COG1914Mn2+ and Fe2+ transporters of the NRAMP family (P)
mntH – Neighborhood
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