Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 [2013, RDB13, Weak + Strong]
nlpD – Basal machinerykout: 0, kin: 1, Clustering: 0
Locus tagb2742
UniProt IDP0ADA3
NCBI GeneID947011
Biological function
Product functionNlpD divisome associated factor; activates peptidoglycan hydrolase
GO terms
GO:0000917Barrier septum assembly
GO:0000920Cell separation after cytokinesis
GO:0005886Plasma membrane
GO:0009279Cell outer membrane
GO:0032153Cell division site
GO:0042493Response to drug
GO:0051345Positive regulation of hydrolase activity
COG0739Membrane proteins related to metalloendopeptidases (M)
nlpD – Neighborhood
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