Bacillus subtilis (strain 168) (DBTBS, All evidences)

Annotated modules (77%)
Module 1.1Genes 75
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006865 Amino acid transport 3.372727e-5
GO:0006782 Protoporphyrinogen IX biosynthetic process 3.537356e-5
GO:0070395 Lipoteichoic acid biosynthetic process 4.270207e-5
GO:0006352 DNA-templated transcription, initiation 3.095723e-2
Module 1.2Genes 60
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0000271 Polysaccharide biosynthetic process 1.035956e-12
GO:0015031 Protein transport 2.139221e-10
GO:0015833 Peptide transport 1.994599e-7
GO:0030152 Bacteriocin biosynthetic process 3.295668e-7
GO:0030420 Establishment of competence for transformation 8.635631e-6
GO:0030153 Bacteriocin immunity 4.466361e-4
Module 1.3Genes 12
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0045893 Positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated 5.477215e-3
GO:0009401 Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system 2.473405e-2
Module 1.4Genes 8
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009229 Thiamine diphosphate biosynthetic process 4.330330e-12
GO:0009228 Thiamine biosynthetic process 1.182114e-9
Module 2Genes 57
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0042128 Nitrate assimilation 1.035956e-12
GO:0006144 Purine nucleobase metabolic process 1.265809e-7
GO:0009114 Hypoxanthine catabolic process 2.416544e-6
GO:0045151 Acetoin biosynthetic process 5.988592e-4
GO:0043419 Urea catabolic process 5.988592e-4
GO:0006457 Protein folding 7.434335e-4
GO:0000256 Allantoin catabolic process 1.052840e-2
GO:0019628 Urate catabolic process 1.052840e-2
GO:0045333 Cellular respiration 1.052840e-2
GO:0006779 Porphyrin-containing compound biosynthetic process 2.566017e-2
Module 3Genes 36
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006526 Arginine biosynthetic process 8.876452e-11
GO:0006525 Arginine metabolic process 1.160865e-8
GO:0045150 Acetoin catabolic process 1.855073e-4
GO:0009401 Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system 8.921780e-4
GO:0006221 Pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthetic process 5.057932e-3
GO:0006096 Glycolytic process 3.946278e-2
Module 4Genes 24
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0000162 Tryptophan biosynthetic process 2.188275e-8
GO:0046656 Folic acid biosynthetic process 1.129963e-7
GO:0046654 Tetrahydrofolate biosynthetic process 3.215205e-7
GO:0006353 DNA-templated transcription, termination 1.374799e-2
Module 5Genes 18
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0030435 Sporulation resulting in formation of a cellular spore 6.860069e-9
Module 6Genes 15
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006635 Fatty acid beta-oxidation 8.445210e-13
GO:0055114 Oxidation-reduction process 7.954575e-3
Module 7Genes 13
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0008643 Carbohydrate transport 1.301997e-5
GO:0019569 L-arabinose catabolic process to xylulose 5-phosphate 1.301997e-5
GO:0031222 Arabinan catabolic process 1.301997e-5
GO:0046373 L-arabinose metabolic process 7.401851e-4
Module 8Genes 13
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0019310 Inositol catabolic process 2.091002e-12
Module 9Genes 12
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006281 DNA repair 4.147832e-2
Module 10Genes 11
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006323 DNA packaging 5.016131e-5
GO:0019076 Viral release from host cell 5.016131e-5
Module 11Genes 10
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0042732 D-xylose metabolic process 7.869562e-6
GO:0046177 D-gluconate catabolic process 5.411112e-4
GO:0019521 D-gluconate metabolic process 5.411112e-4
GO:0006098 Pentose-phosphate shunt 6.091797e-3
Module 12Genes 10
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006064 Glucuronate catabolic process 3.934313e-4
Module 13Genes 10
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0044205 'de novo' UMP biosynthetic process 3.912815e-16
GO:0006207 'de novo' pyrimidine nucleobase biosynthetic process 2.576250e-5
Module 14Genes 9
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0000160 Phosphorelay signal transduction system 3.031727e-3
Module 15Genes 9
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006633 Fatty acid biosynthetic process 5.298740e-13
GO:0008654 Phospholipid biosynthetic process 3.554395e-3
Module 16Genes 9
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009098 Leucine biosynthetic process 1.242463e-7
GO:0009099 Valine biosynthetic process 2.872027e-5
GO:0009097 Isoleucine biosynthetic process 1.290423e-4
Module 17Genes 9
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0030420 Establishment of competence for transformation 3.865663e-11
GO:0006810 Transport 4.466361e-4
Module 18Genes 8
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0019350 Teichoic acid biosynthetic process 8.380905e-5
GO:0071555 Cell wall organization 1.035686e-2
GO:0051301 Cell division 1.135480e-2
GO:0009254 Peptidoglycan turnover 4.538144e-2
GO:0051258 Protein polymerization 4.538144e-2
GO:0043093 FtsZ-dependent cytokinesis 4.538144e-2
Module 19Genes 8
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009102 Biotin biosynthetic process 5.298740e-13
Module 20Genes 8
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006284 Base-excision repair 4.538144e-2
GO:0030497 Fatty acid elongation 4.538144e-2
GO:0051289 Protein homotetramerization 4.538144e-2
Module 21Genes 7
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006829 Zinc ion transport 5.535183e-6
GO:0035998 7,8-dihydroneopterin 3'-triphosphate biosynthetic process 4.068440e-2
Module 23Genes 7
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process 3.627406e-2
Module 24Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0090501 RNA phosphodiester bond hydrolysis 3.119859e-2
GO:0006535 Cysteine biosynthetic process from serine 4.068440e-2
Module 25Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006096 Glycolytic process 4.659256e-8
GO:0006006 Glucose metabolic process 4.068440e-2
Module 26Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006426 Glycyl-tRNA aminoacylation 2.090054e-5
Module 27Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006810 Transport 4.822775e-5
Module 28Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0030001 Metal ion transport 2.122209e-4
GO:0006811 Ion transport 1.277062e-2
Module 29Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006071 Glycerol metabolic process 2.258282e-11
GO:0019563 Glycerol catabolic process 2.122209e-4
GO:0006072 Glycerol-3-phosphate metabolic process 2.122209e-4
GO:0031564 Transcription antitermination 4.068440e-2
GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process 4.068440e-2
Module 30Genes 6
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0019556 Histidine catabolic process to glutamate and formamide 2.669948e-9
GO:0019557 Histidine catabolic process to glutamate and formate 2.669948e-9
Module 31Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006006 Glucose metabolic process 3.119859e-2
GO:0008295 Spermidine biosynthetic process 4.068440e-2
Module 32Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006814 Sodium ion transport 1.027840e-3
GO:0055085 Transmembrane transport 1.916097e-2
GO:0006108 Malate metabolic process 3.627406e-2
GO:0009605 Response to external stimulus 4.798421e-2
Module 33Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006099 Tricarboxylic acid cycle 9.790465e-7
GO:0044262 Cellular carbohydrate metabolic process 1.027840e-3
GO:0006108 Malate metabolic process 3.627406e-2
Module 34Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006355 Regulation of transcription, DNA-templated 7.700531e-3
GO:0006351 Transcription, DNA-templated 2.814192e-2
Module 35Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009435 NAD biosynthetic process 1.212423e-6
Module 37Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006865 Amino acid transport 6.825743e-3
Module 38Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009401 Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system 4.818496e-6
Module 39Genes 5
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0017000 Antibiotic biosynthetic process 2.872027e-5
GO:0016311 Dephosphorylation 3.627406e-2
Module 40Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0097054 L-glutamate biosynthetic process 9.680252e-5
GO:0006537 Glutamate biosynthetic process 2.467734e-4
Module 41Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009401 Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system 1.525503e-4
Module 42Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006432 Phenylalanyl-tRNA aminoacylation 2.090054e-5
GO:0008033 TRNA processing 1.819256e-2
Module 43Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006435 Threonyl-tRNA aminoacylation 5.016131e-5
Module 45Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009264 Deoxyribonucleotide catabolic process 2.473405e-2
Module 46Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006412 Translation 2.798855e-4
Module 48Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006437 Tyrosyl-tRNA aminoacylation 2.090054e-5
Module 49Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006310 DNA recombination 2.817586e-2
Module 50Genes 4
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0046685 Response to arsenic-containing substance 1.102931e-7
Module 51Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006101 Citrate metabolic process 1.819256e-2
GO:0009605 Response to external stimulus 2.473405e-2
Module 52Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006094 Gluconeogenesis 4.068440e-2
Module 53Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006730 One-carbon metabolic process 2.473405e-2
Module 54Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0035999 Tetrahydrofolate interconversion 2.473405e-2
Module 59Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolic process 4.916470e-3
Module 60Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0019344 Cysteine biosynthetic process 2.467734e-4
GO:0000103 Sulfate assimilation 5.411112e-4
GO:0070814 Hydrogen sulfide biosynthetic process 8.921780e-4
Module 61Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0019647 Formaldehyde assimilation via ribulose monophosphate cycle 5.016131e-5
GO:0009636 Response to toxic substance 7.131661e-4
GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolic process 4.916470e-3
GO:0006730 One-carbon metabolic process 3.415786e-2
GO:0006207 'de novo' pyrimidine nucleobase biosynthetic process 4.068440e-2
Module 62Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006810 Transport 1.507469e-2
Module 63Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0046677 Response to antibiotic 2.769899e-3
GO:0006810 Transport 1.507469e-2
Module 64Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006281 DNA repair 5.846007e-3
GO:0006284 Base-excision repair 2.473405e-2
GO:0006289 Nucleotide-excision repair 4.068440e-2
Module 65Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006520 Cellular amino acid metabolic process 4.798421e-2
Module 66Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006012 Galactose metabolic process 3.415786e-2
Module 67Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009450 Gamma-aminobutyric acid catabolic process 1.401994e-4
Module 68Genes 3
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006814 Sodium ion transport 3.627406e-2
Module 70Genes 2
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0009605 Response to external stimulus 2.473405e-2
Module 72Genes 2
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0044262 Cellular carbohydrate metabolic process 3.627406e-2
Module 74Genes 2
GO termDescriptionq-value
GO:0006979 Response to oxidative stress 2.473405e-2
Not annotated modules
Module Genes
1.5 1
1.6 5
1.7 10
1.8 1
1.9 4
1.10 1
1.11 1
22 7
36 5
44 4
47 4
55 3
56 3
57 3
58 3
69 2
71 2
73 2
75 2
76 2